Equipment Sanitization

Your gear doesn't have to stink!

Don't let your equipment offend or breed harmful bacteria. Sani Sport eliminates odor at its source by killing up to 97 percent of all odor-causing bacteria. Best of all, Sani Sport is effective in just 16 minutes and uses an all-natural process.

Sanitize a full set of equipment for $19.99 per bag

Available at the following locations: Sunset Hills and Swansea, IL. Equipment can be transferred between store locations for treatment.

The Facts About Sani Sport:

  • Effectively removes Staph, E. Coli, and Influenza

  • Maintains a 97.6 percent customer satisfaction rating

  • Effectively sanitizes equipment in just 16 minutes

  • A preferred rink supplier of the NHL, found in the locker rooms of 26 NHL teams!

Equipment Sanitization

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