Shipping & Returns

Shipping Info

Exchange & Return Policy

All products must meet the following requirements in order to be returned:

Personal items such as jocks, girdles, underwear and swim wear are not returnable/exchangeable for any reasons except for shipper error. Other Items that are not returnable, include:  Sharpened Ice Skates, Worn Gloves and Taped Sticks.

Due to the nature of Wooden Products, wooden hockey sticks, wooden hockey blades, and wooden baseball bats are not warrenteed against breakage.

All Aluminum and Composite Bats are warrenteed through the manaufacture ONLY.  Please keep your receipt.


Defective merchandise, returned with a receipt may be repaired or replaced as a store manager deems appropriate.

All merchandise returned in store requires both a receipt and valid identification with picture.


Ecom Returns: If you are returning an item from our website we will need to be provided with your card number, expiration date and the last four digits of the card in order to return the item. Please call 314-966-5444 and you will be directed to our Ecommerce customer service. In order to speed up the return process please be able to provide your order number. 


We do not provide shipping labels for regular returns. If you would like to do an exchange or if you have recieved an incorrect item we will gladly provide a return label. All return labels expire 24 hours after being sent so please print off during the allotted time frame.