Picture of STX Duel II Unstrung Lacrosse Head

STX Duel II Unstrung Lacrosse Head

New for 2019, STX revamps their most beloved faceoff head with the STX Duel II Unstrung Lacrosse Head, built to dominate the X.

Same as with the original Duel, STX set out to create a head that was both rugged and flexible, one that could withstand the stress a head goes through when facing off. They have once again outdone themselves with the next iteration of the Duel but adding flex to the lower part of the head, while maintaining a stiff and tight channel that keeps shape after the ball is off the ground.

  • With a tight throat and elongated bottom rail, the Duel II offers an advantage at the X by providing a tighter spot for the ball to be worked into, and less surface area for an opponent to be able to dig out
  • A unique feature that made the Duel so effective and is seen again in the Duel II is its THROAT PLUG, which is a shortened throat design that allows the player to have his top hand closer to the ball during a faceoff
  • In order to shorten the throat dimensions of the head, STX manufactured the THROAT PLUG to go down inside the shaft and suppress the inner walls to maintain stability
  • The new Speed Scoop helps the ball glide into the head with ease, and protects the top shooting strings from wear and tear when fighting for the groundball, keeping your head in the game longer
  • Elite players

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